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Choosing Private Maternity Care with Scotia Clinic – here’s what to expect when you’re expecting!

Congratulations on either starting or growing your family! Once the fog of excitement lifts and you realise that 40 weeks is a marathon not a sprint there are lots of decisions to make and none more important than the care path you will choose for your pregnancy and delivery.


Choosing your private Maternity Care with the Scotia Clinic ensures:

“Consistency of Care and Clarity on your care plan”.


That’s why we want to share with you all the benefits of choosing Maternity Care with Scotia Clinic and why it’s a choice you are confident to make.


  • Continuity of care, you will see Dr. Mary Mc Caffrey and her team throughout your pregnancy and at the hospital. Equally if Dr. Mary Mc Caffrey is away at the time of your delivery you know who will be covering, giving you full peace of mind.
  • There is always a Consultant present and a clear care plan throughout your pregnancy and hospital stay.
  • Throughout your Maternity Care with the Scotia Clinic you also have full access to a Midwife, who will follow your care plan and any support required with breast feeding.
  • The typical path is that we are working in combined-care with your GP and we share with them your care plan.
  • Your first Maternity visit with the Scotia Clinic will be from 12 weeks onwards. This is a detailed visit, to gather full details on your medical history to enable us to determine the best possible care plan for the rest of your pregnancy. Also, at this visit you have an ultrasound scan. 
  • You are then seen at 20 weeks pregnant, at which time you have an anatomy scan. From there, depending on the level of risk involved in your pregnancy you will be seen at least 6 more times.
  • If yours is a high-risk pregnancy at the Scotia Clinic we have established links in to the Coombe Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, and Cork University Maternity Hospital in the event you need to be transferred out for specialist care.
  • We also provide the non-invasive pre-natal testing such as harmony testing. Also for people who wish to have an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) with other Consultants in a tertiary referral system we will organise this directly for you.


Choosing the Scotia Clinic for your private Maternity Care ensures you are choosing consistency of care and clarity in your care plan throughout your pregnancy and hospital stay. Throughout your pregnancy you will be cared for by a Consultant and Midwife working in combined care with your GP. This also ensures you have a Consultant present at your delivery who will be governing all the decisions made during delivery.


Our Medical Director, Dr. Mary Mc Caffrey was appointed as Consultant Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist at Kerry General Hospital in 1998. As a leading Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and advocate for women’s health and well-being, Dr. Mary Mc Caffrey and her team have been caring for expectants Mums since 2002 in the Scotia Clinic.


Choosing your private Maternity Care with the Scotia Clinic ensures your care is placed with an experienced team of Consultants and Midwives, who deliver the very highest level of care, and always endeavor to facilitate your wishes wherever possible.


Talk to us today about our private Maternity Care and payment plans available:

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