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The Scotia Clinic has a structured Menopause Clinic led by Dr. McCaffrey and her nurse who is trained in this area. Here, we understand that Menopause is a natural process, but that its symptoms may disrupt people’s lives and have an impact on their health. These symptoms may include headaches, night sweats, hot flushes, depression, vaginal dryness/painful intercourse. 

What happens at a Menopause Clinic appointment?

On arrival at the Menopause Clinic, you will meet with our nurse, who will take a detailed history and talk to you about your symptoms and quality of life. She will give you diet and lifestyle advice, and where necessary, blood tests are taken and hormone profiles are performed.

We are very focused on preventing osteoporosis, and always ensure that our patients get the best possible bone health advice. If it’s appropriate, we will perform a FRAX assessment, which assesses the risk of fracture and guides us on any treatment decisions we make, or a Dexa scan, which gives us information about bone density.

There has been a lot of negative publicity around hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. The British Menopause Society however now tells us very clearly that in most instances, HRT is safe for women. We will discuss all options with you, carefully weighing up the benefits and risks of each before advising on a course of treatment.

Premature menopause

Premature menopause occurs when women under 45 experience a natural menopause. These women have very specific health risks which need to be addressed. These risks include osteoporosis, the increased risk of cardio vascular disease and dementia.

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