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Shared Care IVF


At The Scotia Clinic, we liaise with IVF Clinics domestically and internationally. When patients travel abroad for treatment, we can provide much of their care in Kerry before they leave. Couples can also attend The Scotia Clinic for all of their tests and treatments, including scans, blood tests, drug treatments and so on.

We send the results to the relevant IVF Centre, and the healthcare professionals there will make decisions about the timing of egg retrieval and so on.  On their return to Ireland, couples are given all the backup treatment they need, including managing OHSS, the provision of pregnancy scans and so on.

Couples who undertake shared care/Satellite IVF with us have their care plan implemented at their IVF clinic abroad, where egg retrieval and embryo transferal also take place. Amongst the key benefits of attending Scotia Clinic for this service is that not only are you accessing the highest expertise but you can remain close to home reducing both your stress and your costs.

If you are attending a clinic in Ireland or abroad, please contact us for details.

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