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General Gynaecology

Self-referral Gynae Consultation

Gynaecology at Scotia provides care for the investigation and treatment of women’s health issues in Munster.

From your very first visit, you’ll receive comprehensive care from our team to manage all aspects of your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

On your first visit to The Scotia Clinic, we will take a detailed history, you will be assessed and your case will be thoroughly investigated.

Treatment can even begin on that first visit – if that works for you. This approach has the advantage of avoiding numerous return visits and admissions to hospital. A number of gynecological conditions are particularly suitable for ambulatory care. These include period problems, pelvic pain, bleeding after the menopause, suspected fibroids or ovarian cysts, poly cystic ovarian syndrome and genital skin disorders.

Privacy and dignity

At Scotia Clinic, we understand the importance of privacy and dignity when seeking help for women’s health issues. Be assured that discretion, confidentiality and sensitivity are at the heart of our care for you, and we offer a convenient and compassionate service to help you feel at ease.

We offer flexibility and you can choose from daytime, evening or Saturday appointments to accommodate your work or family commitments.

We are the first to offer access to the newest tests in Kerry. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose, treat and manage both common and highly complex conditions within the discrete and calming environment of our Women’s Health Clinic.

Our specialist team has access to all the latest equipment and scanning techniques, including X-Rays/MRI/Dexa Scans locally, to provide you with the most swift and accurate diagnosis possible.

A range of treatments available

We treat a range of minor conditions in our facilities and treatment rooms, with immediate hospital access at University Hospital Kerry for urgent referrals including early pregnancy concerns.

We understand the importance of your health and strongly believe that women should be encouraged to seek medical advice early rather than suffering with problems that can be solved.

Tests carried out on site

Tests carried out at The Scotia Clinic include:

  1. All Gynaecology ultrasound scans, including 4D scans
  2. This is a special scan which involves putting a very fine catheter into the cervix. A special fluid passes into the womb/fallopian tubes during an ultrasound scan. In most cases, this test doesn’t require either x rays, surgery or anaesthesia. It is usually carried out as an investigation for heavy periods or fertility problems.
  3. STI Screening. This involves a series of swabs and bloods taken to look for sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Wide range of blood tests and microbiology.
  5. Semen Analysis and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test (See Fertility section)

Procedures performed at the Scotia Clinic

  1. Insertion of Mirena/Copper Coils and implants.
  2. Infusion of Intra Lipids as part of fertility treatment.
  3. Endometrial biopsy for heavy bleeding
  4. Endometrial Scratch as part of treatment for fertility
  5. Genital skin biopsies.
  6. Speedy access to all X-Rays/MRI/Dexa Scans is available locally.

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